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Store Additions—October 22, 2013
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We've got a slew of spooky specials and more for the Halloween season this week!
Professor Van Helsing, pursues Count Dracula in the American West of 1880 in Wild Work #1, by Eric Red and Ben Dunn! In 1946, Davy "Airboy" Nelson teams up with an ace Japanese pilot to stop a power-crazed scientist in the Airboy: Deadeye TPB, by Chuck Dixon, Gianluca Piredda, and Ben Dunn. Detective Tom Fraley returns 65 years after his death to stop his killer in Ghost Cop #1, by Luke Keith, VJ Boyd, Justin Boyd, and Christian DiBari! The Far Oceanic Navy braves dangerous waters in the Steampunk Halloween Special 2013, helmed by Rod Espinosa. Ian Scott has finally reached his destination...and his fate in The Last Zombie: The End #5, by Brian Keene and Chris Allen! And if Kylie's fangirling doesn't disrupt Ayane's her first field expedition, a gang of trance-music Bedouin thugs might in Gold Digger #205, by Fred Perry!

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