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Store AdditionsóDecember 20, 2013
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There's some killer issues coming your way this final weekend before Christmas!
Detective Tom Fraley, a ghost for over 60 years, is compelled to seek out his murderer, who is now killing again. He starts working with Laticia, a modern detective on the killer's case...but will a high-tech ghost hunter spell defeat for both of them? Find out in Ghost Cop #2, by VJ Boyd, Justin Boyd, and Christian DiBari!
And in the jungles of Jade, Britanny tries to put a curb on pregnant Brianna's trigger-happy temperament, at least until several years after she gives birth. But a host of murderous monsters are wrecking Bri' and husband Zan's new home, and she's not about to let them walk all over her neighbors! Gear up for action in Gold Digger #206 by Fred Perry!

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