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Store Additions—May 16, 2014
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A triple-dose of chills and thrills this week, with some grand adventure on top!
Digital fugitives Zilla and Dee Dee are rescued from game-freeze oblivion, but so are the brain-byting zombies who were with them in 32-Bit Zombie by Fred Perry, David Hutchison, and Zechary Gray!
Thrill to the collected post-mortem adventures of Detective Tom Fraley as he strives to stop his own murderer from killing again in the Ghost Cop TPB, by VJ Boyd (writer for Justified), Justin Boyd, and Christian DiBari!
And after the trio of mage sisters clinch their victory in the Colosseum of Carnage, Her Majesty's Far-Ocean Navy encounters mutineers and a mutilating horror in Edge of Empire #2, by Rod Espinosa!

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