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The Polar Vortex has blasted us with early winter chill, but our reading and apparel will warm your spirits!
Video game ex-villain 'Zilla's extra lives may not survive a surge shambling sprites in 8-Bit Zombie: The Full Byte TPB, by Fred Perry, David Hutchison, and Zechary Gray! Fred and friends also bring you the latest super short stories, pin-ups and more of the GD crew in Gold Digger Annual #18! And Penny has a chance to learn what makes Dark Bird's super-plane tick, but can she do it before the clock runs out? Catch Gold Digger #216 and see! And while it may not be not be safe to into the water, but it's perfectly safe (and fun) to wear our JAWaS T-shirt. It's available in all bite sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!

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