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Store Additions--May 20, 2016

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Store Additions--December 19, 2014
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We've got spooky holiday tales to chill you, steam-powered stories to thrill you, and a high-flying showdown to top it off!
First up is a terrific trio of top-flight tales--including the stellar debut of "Airship Enterprise"--in Steampunk Tales #1, brought to you by Brian Denham, Ben Dunn and Chris Allen! Then we bring some horror-day classics back from the grave en masse in A Very Zombie Christmas Regifted TPB, featuring Joe Wight, Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, and David Hutchison. Leave it moldering in the stocking of that special someone, or infect--er, indulge yourself! And Ace and Dark Bird's final air battle reaches its climax in a death-defying dogfight deep within the Earth in Gold Digger #217, by the incomparable Fred Perry!

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