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The game's afoot this week as we serve up a beguiling blend of elements: a frisson of fairytale, a double-dose of mystery, four helpings of steampunk, and a quintuple-feature of action and adventure--all in just five titles!
London's premiere steampunk sleuth and his stalwart companion must track down a chilling creature and discover its link to a recently deceased heir before it strikes again in Sherlock Holmes, Steampunk Detective Case Files: The Baskerville Boiler Beast. Then a monarch in mufti requests help in preventing an affair from becoming public...and preventing his paramour from being SHSD Case Files: Beauty and the Bohemian. This steam-powered set of mysteries is ably solved by the dashing duo of Robby Bevard and David Hutchison! Rod Espinosa sports another steampunked spin on a classic tale, as a royal couple struggle to deal with their elder daughter's unusual abilities in Steampunk Snow Queen #1! Enjoy a colorful trio of slightly saucy steampunk tales from Rod Espinosa, Fred Perry and David Hutchison in the action-filled Victorian Secret: Steam Hunters. And Madrid runs afoul of a sexy sorceress who steals away Dao for fatal fooling around. Luckily, she's got a dragon along to help charge to the rescue! Romantic antics and more abound in Gold Digger #220 by Fred Perry!

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