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Store Additions--November 4, 2015
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November's just kicked off, and as the weather cools, we turn up the steam!
Emma Winter, Gwen Moffet and Jia Song defy 19th-century decorum as they seek to stop a sinister specter from destroying London--and maybe more--in Steambusters #2, by Joe Wight!
In a similar yet different London, Lady Greystoke, Mary Riley and the rampaging Rula team up with the shuriken-slinging sleuth, Sherlock Ninja, to take on villains such as Spring-Heeled Jack, Lady Bathory and Sweeney Todd! Ben Dunn heats up the streets with Steam League #1!
Meanwhile, a long time ago, on a world far, far away, the mightiest mercenaries on the planet all vie to bring down and bring in their targets. Steam may power their pursuit ships, but money fuels the hearts of these hired guns in Steam Wars: Bounty Hunters #1, brought to you at a reasonable price by Fred Perry, David Hutchison, and Ben Dunn!

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