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Store Additions--December 4, 2015
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December's begun, and we've got an early batch of stocking stuffers for you already!
Prepare for a bold trek across the fire boiler frontier with Captain Janus Tibbs and her intrepid crew in Airship Enterprise #1, brought to you by Brian Denham!
Feel the power of the Force (of sheer talent) when Brian joins with Joe Wight to bring you steam-powered sagas from a long time ago in Steam Wars: First Empire #2.
Fred's fans bring us their own collection of personal takes on his cherished cast of characters in Gold Digger Annual #19. Ben Dunn, the Godfather of American Manga, returns to his Legacy, merging data with writer Steve Ross to bring you an 8-bit bonanza straight off the game grid with Super NHS!
Across the years and the Atlantic, the Steampunk Sleuth leads us through the fogs of Londinium and its latest mystery, a series of statue thefts, in the case of Sherlock Holmes: Steampunk Detective: The Five Napoleons, ably recorded by your humble scribe, David Hutchison!
Last but not least, we've some winter wonder-wear for you: the Master League Jedi T-shirt! Size matters not to a Jedi, but you should still pick the proper one for you: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!

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