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Store Additions--December 18, 2015
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Whatever your weather, winter's officially just around the corner here in the northern half of the world, but we've got some holiday fun and adventure to warm your heart and fire your imagination!
At a special time of year, Captain Hansel Lowe and his ursine engineer Smokey find Smokey's home reservation under threat from a slaver armada and must save the holiday from the Hegemony in the Steam Wars Holiday Special by Fred Perry!
Fred's friends and fans give him (and you) a gift of a whole holiday issue, Gold Digger Xmas Special #9.
Fred's fans bring us their own collection of personal takes on his cherished cast of characters in Gold Digger Annual #19. But Fred's not done handing out holiday goodies yet: Gina and her allies struggle valiantly against the Umbra's invading armies, but with their own dark doubles leading those forces, their greatest hope is fishy at best in Gold Digger #227!

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