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Store Additions--February 3, 2016
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February's just begun, and you can already feel the love in a trio of terrific titles heading your way!
Revel in a scintillating array of saucy steampunk sirens, serial fiction, reviews, interviews and more in the long-awaited Gearhearts #12, helmed by Patricia Ash and Kimi Bost!
Bounty hunters Blaze and Gruffyd are hired by a group of mighty space-vikings for a mission of mercy, but the Shogunate is ready to bring the hammer down on them to reacquire Mortimer the bunny in Immortal Wings #2 by Carlo San Juan and Rod Espinosa!
And Dreadwing, Serpentus and Dark Bird discover that when you try to demolish a race of feisty peanut farmers who love their fermented-peanut ale, you might get the Nut Punch when you least expect it in Gold Digger #229 by Fred Perry!

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