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Store Additions--March 11, 2016
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A light shower of new items for this week in March!
Troubled Salusian teen Orion has recently settled on Earth with his ex-military dad. He's got to deal with a crafty ninja girl, a soul-craving succubus, and a haughty Zardon beauty, not to mention daily training at home and that test coming up next week! It's enough to drive a kid back into outer space in Ninjas vs. Aliens #1 by Ben Dunn! And speaking of going into space, get ready for a jump to an angry, sexy red planet, but mind all the bounce! It's John Carter meets Richard Corben when Gina Diggers finds herself transported to a strange, alternate Mars, fighting monsters and villains with a super-charged bod and nothing else (Not even clothing!) in Gina Diggers: WarNerd of Mars TPB by Fred Perry! (Adults Only, of course!)

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