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Store Additions--April 29, 2016
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We've got one last April shower of goodies before the month closes out, plus a little forecast of things to come!
With his partner Blaze a prisoner of the Galactic Shogunate, Gruffyd the dragon sets out to save her alone. Thankfully, he's not really alone, whether he likes it or not. The all-out showdown goes down in Immortal Wings #4 by Carlo San Juan and Rod Espinosa!
Meanwhile, a smaller (but still intense) showdown is on in the U.F.F. wrestling ring. When a couple of "frustrated" Ooshoosh giantesses decide use the match to blow off steam (and maybe find some worthy mates), poor Ryan will know exactly what hit him in Gold Digger #231 by Fred Perry!
Numbskull ninja Bunny has killed her target, but now has to run like a rabbit from avenging assassin Wolf Fang in Blade Bunny #3 by Eric Kimball and Erwin, now up for preorder!
And forceful feline Ultracat's ultra-patience is tested by a would-be canine sidekick and a budding romance between his owner and his worst enemy's owner in Ultracat #2 by Josť Fonollosa!

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